DA Member Benefits

Distribution America offers its members the flexibility of retaining their independence and the value of combined buying power to remain competitive in the market place. We harness the power of our purchasing alliance along with our long-standing industry relationships which allow us to negotiate the best possible pricing and discounts for products and support services. DA is a co-op, fully funded by our member/owners. 100% of all rebates collected by DA are returned to the Members based on their purchases from each DA Vendor.

DA offers to each Member:

  • Group Buying Opportunities from over 500 vendors
  • Vendor program development
  • Strategic promotional planning
  • National branded stores programs
  • Flexible promotional vehicles to address regional needs
  • Differentiated marketing programs for retail segments
  • Consolidated buying programs from key vendors
  • Central payable system
  • Rebate collection & dispensation
  • Electronic Remittance advice
  • ACH payments
  • EDI
  • Benchmarking